Telling The Immigrant Story

For the last two years, Aqua-Africa has been actively presenting Buey and Aqua-Africa’s story to schools (elementary, middle, high), youth organizations and service clubs throughout the Omaha metropolitan area. It is believed that Buey’s story as an immigrant and Aqua-Africa’s mission can:

  • Encourage disadvantaged youth to be hopeful about their future prospects
  • Expose youth to immigrants and immigrant contributions
  • Educate others about the needs of people outside America’s borders

Both in his personal life and professional career, the presentation makes it clear how Buey’s opportunities weren’t just a product of hard work and perseverance. In addition to these important elements, the support and guidance of people around him was equally essential. The presentation emphasizes how mistakes and failures are a natural part of life and how we can not only learn from them but to overcome them.

In an age where immigration is misunderstood by many, his story is compelling. Buey uses his family’s escape from a war-torn nation to not only embrace American values, but as an opportunity to contribute to its rich culture. His story is a natural extension of this nation’s foundation. Buey’s ability to speak the English language with little accent, while being undistinguishable from other native-born Americans, helps to bridge a gap while dispelling assumptions about what immigrants look like and how they act. His message helps youth:

  • Think about what they can do to make an impact
  • To better understand immigrants
  • Understand the collective impact we can have on the rest of the world

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