Afia WASH Progresses

August 10, 2023 – Budi and Kapoeta North Counties, South Sudan. Aqua-Africa’s Program Officer and his team continued to make excellent progress in completing MicroDemocracy and Water Management Committee (WMC) trainings in Budi and Kapoeta North Counties.

Election Commissioners were trained in the villages of Riati and Itingi. In Homiri Junction, the newly elected Water Management Committee conducted meetings with the community to encourage their ownership of their water facilities. Almost immediately, they began registering and collecting money for the water users which was extremely encouraging. Collected user fees will be used to maintain the water infrastructure when repairs are required.

Aqua-Africa and its team are on track to complete the training of election commissioners and WMCs for the 23 water points for which it has been contracted to complete by DT Global and USAID this fiscal year.

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