Afia WASH Project

April 1, 2023 – As a subcontractor to DT Global, an international engineering and development company, and USAID, the Aqua-Africa team has been implementing its Microdemocracy program and approach to water point governance across South Sudan.

Afia (Arabic for “health”) WASH is a USAID program that will upgrade and install new, improved water infrastructure in 13 South Sudan counties over the next 4 years. Hundreds of improved water points will be provided, along with sanitation and health training to target communities.

Over the past year, Aqua-Africa formalized its Microdemocracy training materials and trained election commissioners and held secret ballot elections in 3 counties, including Kapoeta North, Budi and Jur River. Water Management Committees were elected at 8 water points, and trained to set policy, collect water usage fees, and to maintain the installed infrastructure. It is believed that representative government will lead to increased feelings of accountability leading to sustainability. Committees must be comprised of at least 50% women, elevating women representation and status in a society that is traditionally male-dominated.

In March 2023, Aqua-Africa was pleased to hire Deng Madit, a 10-year employee of the Carter Center to oversee its WASH and MicroDemocracy Program. Mr. Madit has done an excellent job in this new role.

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