Bridging the Gap

As part of Aqua-Africa’s “Bridging the Gap” initiative, Buey Tut and Mabior Acouth traveled to Lyons, Nebraska on September 10th to share their immigrant story with students of Lyons-Decatur Northeast High School. The collaboration is the brainchild of Paul Timm, the high school’s science teacher. Mr. Timm is a National Geographic Certified science instructor who was awarded a grant from National Geographic to implement their “BioBlitz” program. Mr. Timm along with his colleague, Mr. Anderson, developed the Nebraska Water Project. When Mr. Timm proposed a partnership between Aqua-Africa and Lyons-Decatur, our focus on water, bridging cultural gaps and the fact that we are based in Nebraska, seemed like a natural fit. As the first step of this growing relationship, Mabior and Buey drove to Lyons to participate with four of Mr.Timm’s science classes in the conduct of biology experiments in a nearby watershed. Mabior and Buey rounded off the day by sharing Aqua-Africa’s mission and their experiences as immigrants to the United States.

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