Completion of 7th Day Adventist Site

June 18. 2023 – Maiwut, South Sudan. Today Aqua-Africa’s vendor, CRN Drilling Company, reported completion of the Village Supplier water tower at the 7th Day Adventist Church drilling site. All tap stands have been constructed, and 3″ metal piping laid across a small ravine in the community that often floods during the rainy season. Underground PVC pipe will be connected at either end.

In the coming week, PVC pipes will be received from the Addis Ababa, Ethiopia manufacturer. Trenching and underground pipes can then be laid to the tap stands. In the mean time, the CRN team has moved on to the third tower construction site.

Aqua-Africa Program Director Mabior Acouth will also be arriving in Maiwut to review quality of workmanship and CRN team progress. He will also be working with local leaders to identify candidates for a Maiwut “Regional Program Manager” position that will be posted by Aqua-Africa. The organization desires a local representative to perform planning, organizing, monitoring and evaluation functions in the community.

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