Covid-19 Response

On Thursday, April 9th, Aqua-Africa Executive Director, Buey Tut, will be engaging students of the Omaha Street School.  Even though the students are no longer gathered for class due to Covid-19 restrictions, they will be participating in a “Zoom” online conference with Buey from their homes. During the conference, Buey will share his experiences and feelings as a child growing up in Ethiopia in the midst of civil war. Buey will discuss what he observed, how he coped, and offer hope for the eventual and inevitible end to the current pandemic.

Over the next several months, Buey will be engaging Omaha youth in this way as a part of the organization’s mission to bridge cultural gaps in the community. If you have interest in this mission and would like to invite Buey as a guest “online” speaker, please contact him at (402) 917-2825.

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