Eighth Village Supplier!

October 1, 2022 – As you’ve read in our web headline, we are fundraising to construct our eighth solar-powered Village Supplier water tower. This time in the village of Nzara, South Sudan!

We will be constructing the tower inside Aqua-Africa’s compound which has housing and security. We will be electrifying and providing running water to the two houses (tukuls) inside the fenced compound, and running pipelines to several other new water tap stands in the community.

We are excited by this future addition. The water well has already been drilled and chemically tested to be safe.

Because our compound has a pit latrine and separate bathroom facilities, with these new additions of water and electricity, we will be welcoming guests!

We call our compound, Eden, because like the Garden of Eden, it is blessed with fruits including bananas, pineapples, mangos; even a lemon tree.

The compound was purchased from the Episcopal Church of Nzara, and we have a wonderful relationship with the current and former Bishops. We believe that Eden will serve as a wonderful destination for Christian mission work, and we would welcome these visitors at any time.

Now, let’s raise the money to build the 8th Village Supplier!

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