Just Us Walk – Outstanding!

Thank you again to all who attended the first ever Just Us Walk event held by Aqua-Africa on September 5th. “This was, without a doubt, the premier social justice UNITY event held in Omaha in the last 20 years!” said one attendee.

Your donations will help further our international clean water mission in South Sudan, where we now serve nearly 30,000 people clean drinking water each day.

If you attended, you also made history! To our knowledge, this was the very first game-walk fundraising event ever held anywhere in the world. We hope you enjoyed participating in it as much as we did while creating and hosting it.

During your walk around Elmwood Park you visited 6 stations that represented segments of our Omaha culture where socio-economic gaps exist (Education, Justice System, Employment, Health Care, Home Ownership, Economic Opportunity). You also had the chance to gain an understanding of those gaps during the Big Reveal of your players racial identity. To the extent possible, we tried to use actual and recent statistical data from the Omaha Metropolitan area.

The reasons that socio-economic gaps exist between races and genders are complex. And closing them will be a great challenge for our city and nation.  But change always starts with understanding there is an issue or concern. We hope your understanding has been increased. Our goal is to level the playing field for all of the youth in our community.

Now we need your feedback. What did you like or dislike about the Just Us Walk and game activity? What changes and improvements would you make to make this more fun for participants? Or more educational?

Should this be an annual fundraising activity? Who else should be involved to strengthen its impact?

Thanks in advance for your reply to DanaBradfield@aqua-africa.org. Now lets change the game!

It’s Just Us!

The Aqua-Africa Team

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