Maiwut Project-Final Touches

September 6, 2023 – Maiwut, South Sudan. Aqua-Africa Executive Director, Mabior Acouth, is in Maiwut overseeing the project team’s final testing of the Village Supplier Water Systems before final inspections by Rotary and Government officials. The towers are being flushed, and the tank’s float switches tested. The solar arrays are complete, the well pumps have been installed, and chain-link fencing erected around the tank and solar arrays. Gates required to enter the tank area are secured by padlock.

Additional Water Management Committee training is being provided since one of the prior committee members died in childbirth, and two moved to another community. Mr. Acouth led the training.

An engineer will be traveling to Maiwut to install water meters at all tapstands, and to provide technical training to the community’s pump mechanics on the proper maintenance of the VSUS systems.

During ribbon-cutting, an announcement will be made to all community members announcing the availability of free hygiene training to be provided by Aqua-Africa’s Program Officer, Deng Madit.

Ribbon-cutting is expected in the next two weeks. This video is of the flushing of the Kulong Primary School VSUS.

Fencing at Palang Secondary School VSUS:

Additional Water Management Committee Training:

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