Maiwut Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

September 22, 2023 – Maiwut, South Sudan. On Friday, the Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA), hosted the community in celebrating the completion of Aqua-Africa’s implementation of 4 solar-powered Village Supplier water towers, with 16 tap stands throughout the community. The ceremony marked the completion of construction, commemoration of the event, and turn-over to the community of the completed systems. Aqua-Africa’s Executive Director, Mabior Acouth; Program Director, Deng Madit; and Community Relations & Advocacy Officer, Beatrice Safari, were present for the event.

Inspector Majok Bol opened the ceremony, and represented the National Government Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation as the Undersecretary was unable to attend.

The flag of South Sudan was raised, and various community leaders were given the opportunity to address the community over the sound system. Because it was extremely hot outside, attendees gathered under surrounding shade trees to observe the festivities. Trained members of the Water Management Committees (in white shirts) were recognized and congratulated as they assumed their representative posts.

The Payam, Boma and Village Chiefs came to show their support.

Samaritan’s Purse’s WASH representative, Gerald Opini, addressed the community and thanked Aqua-Africa for their wonderful implementation, along with that of their vender CRN Drilling. Additionally, Election Commissioner, Buk Jock addressed the community, giving thanks and encouraging the community to abide by the water point rules/bylaws established by the WMCs.

Dancers from the community celebrated their culture with original native dance displays, then the entire community celebrated. It was a wonderful day!

Permanent signage is being erected on the site to recognize the principal donors to the implementation. These include Mesa West Rotary, the Juba Rotary, Rotary International, All Access International, Samaritan’s Purse, Sister’s of Charity Leavenworth, Global Water Challenge, Marshall and Mona Faith, and many, many others. What an incredible blessing to this community! THANK YOU!!

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