Omaha Youth Program Takes Shape

OMAHA Neb –Aqua-Africa is thrilled to announce its partnership with Nebraska 4-H in the development of a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) summer camp curriculum that will have lasting impact on Omaha youth. The Nebraska 4-H and Extension office team has garnered educator talent from the Nebraska University System to construct a curriculum and program that is totally unique in its approach. We admire their diligence, enthusiasm, and shared excitement about the program.

Aqua-Africa expects the 6-week “Build a Hut” summer day-camp program will allow youth to move beyond theory, and to experience the “hands-on” application of STEM while working in teams to solve simulated life challenges. The program will target Omaha youth organizations and youth entering 6th through 9th grade and will begin in early June 2022. Some campers will have the opportunity to engage an enthusiastic Omaha corporate coach and visit their business operations, while preparing for a one-day “Build a Hut” STEM competition. With their coach, hut construction budgets will be prepared, hut designs finalized, and competition strategies developed. The students will leave these businesses with a better understanding of the STEM occupations performed there, and a renewed sense that the Omaha business community is both welcoming and caring.

During the one-day competition that follows, youth organizations teams from across the metropolitan Omaha area, will compete to construct an African hut, equip it with LED lighting, and perform basic plumbing tasks The youth will consider weather-related risks and its impact on their construction design and on solar power generation. They will also consider disease risks associated with their drinking water choices.  Throughout the camp, youth will be exposed to African culture, global issues, and economic considerations in a fun and engaging way. It is the developers’ desire for youth interest in STEM and STEM occupations to grow through the camp experience.

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