Praising CRN Drilling Company

October 25, 2023. Juba, South Sudan. In March 2022, CRN Drilling Company LTD, began the mobilization of a drilling rig and supply truck to Maiwut, South Sudan. The company contracted with Aqua-Africa to perform drilling and construction work, building a water system capable of serving 10,000 people in the community and surrounding area.

CRN was a relatively new company seeking to demonstrate its ability to meet client needs.

For CRN, it was a journey of nearly 300 miles, across South Sudan to Upper Nile State. The trek included a ferry ride up the Nile River, travel through flooded areas, and an overland journey of nearly 100 miles over dirt roads, through dense jungle and very rough terrain. Ultimately, CRN arrived and went to work, installing 4 sola-powered water yards and 16 tap stands to serve the Maiwut community. Over 2.5 miles of trenching was done by hand to install the community’s water lines. It was a tremendous accomplishment for the people of South Sudan living in a very remote area.

Looking for a reliable vendor to do your next clean water project? We recommend CRN. They are trustworthy and they stand by their workmanship.

In this photo you see a very small snapshot of the travel challenges they encountered on the way to Maiwut. Committed and courageous.

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