Nimule Town Village Supplier 2

Project Information

  • Village: Nimule/Malakia

  • State: Irmatong

  • Country: South Sudan

  • Population: 50,000

  • Drilling Date: Sept 2017

  • Description: A 50,000 liter water tower with 6 distribution points. Two to the adjacent hospital and four to the community.

Project Description

Village Supplier 2

Village Supplier 2

Water Distribution Point









Between September and December 2017, Aqua-Africa directed the implementation of a second “Village Supplier” water tower in Nimule Town, South Sudan. Constructed by the Great Ruaha Water Drilling Company of Juba, these efforts would not have been possible without the support of local partners, Empower Kids South Sudan and Save the Children. There are six (6) water distribution points. Four (4) of the distribution points serve the community of Malakia East and West. The two (2) remaining points serve Nimule Hospital with one being used as a revenue source. The 50,000 liter tank has the capacity to provide the daily water needs for 5,000 people. The 119 meter deep water well can produce 14,000 liters of clean water per hour. Omaha engineering firm, Lamp Rynearson & Associates designed the tower and distribution system.