Regional Focus

Building trusted relationships with communities, their leaders and government officials take time. Additionally, it is essential that service goals are established and service impact is measured and accomplished. Aqua-Africa desires that every community member have reliable access to clean drinking water, electric power and sanitation. And, that these services are sustainable.

It makes no sense to form relationships, install services, then abandon a community with the work half accomplished. That is why Aqua-Africa has adopted the “Everyone/Forever” approach to serving a community. We will measure and report our impact, and remain in communities until all are served and community ownership of systems maintenance is assured.

For the near term future, Aqua-Africa will be focusing its work in 3 communities where it has an established presence and strong trust relationships. These are: Nimule and Matoyo East in Central Equatoria State, Nzara in Western Equatoria State, and in Maiwut, Upper Nile State.

At top is a photograph of Maiwut’s County Commissioner, Bang Deng, who has been a strong ally and supporter of our work in that community.

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