Rotary Visit to Maiwut

December 7, 2023 – Maiwut, South Sudan. The Host Country Rotarians from the Juba Rotary Club continued their exciting visit to Maiwut. The team inspected the brand new Village Supplier Utility System installed at Kulong Primary School.

Dr. Simon Gore climbed to the top of the tower to inspect the 14 meter (45 feet) high elevated storage tank.

While inspecting the solar array, Aqua-Africa Executive Director Mabior Acouth, explained the operation of the submersible pump’s well sensor and the tank’s float switch, which control the pump’s operations – turning it on and shutting it off at the appropriate times.

The Rotary Club of Juba team (Dr. Simon Gore and Adelio Obur) also had time to visit some of the Water Management Committee members of Kulong and Parish to discuss their training and infrastructure governance role. It was a great day!

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