Sudan War Impact

April 21, 2023 – Over the past 2 weeks, tense fighting has been taking place in the capitol city of Khartoum, Sudan, as disputes over government control have exploded between the country’s most prominent two generals. While this dispute is taking place in its northern neighbor, South Sudan is not immune from its impacts. Thousands of refugees have already fled the country seeking safety in South Sudan. The border town of Palouch, in Upper Nile State, has received many such refugees, and is struggling to find food, water and shelter for the newly displaced persons. It is expected that some of these displaced persons will find their way to other communities in the state, including Maiwut, where Aqua-Africa is presently operating. Although the war does not appear to have any immediate impact on Aqua-Africa operations, we are hopeful our new water systems will provide welcome relief for many, and that our vendor’s drilling rig can provide assistance to the relief efforts in small ways, by increasing access to clean water.

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