Telling the Maiwut Story

October 31, 2023 – Omaha, Nebraska USA – Today, Aqua-Africa’s team and expert videographer and story-teller, Timothy Marine embarked on the development of a documentary video to tell The Maiwut Story.

“The construction of life-saving clean water systems in a remote and dangerous part of the world, is an incredible story worth telling!” exclaimed Dana Bradfield, Aqua-Africa’s Operations Director.

The video documentary will cover all aspects of this major construction effort. Beginning with the organization’s completion of the initial “needs assessment” performed in the village in 2019, it will follow the implementation team as it sought Maiwut community support and agreement, through geophysical survey activity, struggles with mobilization of the drilling team and building materials, and the remarkable construction effort. An effort that resulted in four (4) solar-powered water towers capable of serving 10,000 people.

“We want to recognize the remarkable work of our vendor’s laborers and the many funders and stakeholders who supported this effort,” said Bradfield. He continued, “Today, the women of the Maiwut community will no longer have to make arduous and distant walks each day to collect water from contaminated water sources that made them and their families sick. Their improved health and shorter transport times will allow them to grow crops and undertake other productive pursuits. The economic impact is going to be sizable!”

The documentary is expected to take several months to complete, and will be made available the many wonderful organizations that funded the construction, including: Rotary International, All Access International, Sisters of Charity Leavenworth, the Faith Family Foundation and many, many others.

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