Village Supplier Technical Training

February 6 – Maiwut, South Sudan. Aqua-Africa contracted engineer, Muni Kumar Royal, provided one-day supplemental technical training to eleven pump mechanics of the Maiwut, South Sudan community. 

The mechanics received maintenance & troubleshooting instruction for the community’s four new solar-powered Village Supplier Utility Systems (VSUS) water towers and distribution systems. 

Operations manuals were given to the trainees describing best practices for maintenance. The trainees spent the day reviewing safety protocols, cleaning the solar panels, flushing the tank, and practicing control panel operations such as temporary pump shut down. Having a trained, experienced technicians working in the community is an incredible step towards sustainable operations. 

We are thankful to the many donors and supporters who made the Maiwut water tower implementations possible including Rotary InternationalAll AccessSisters of Charity of LeavenworthSamaritan’s Purse and our remarkable implementation partner CRN Drilling Co. LTD of Juba

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