WHO Update on Sudan Crisis

July 27, 2023 – World Health Organization.

The conflict in Sudan has led to a health crisis for 3.4 million people who have been forced to seek safety either within Sudan or in neighboring countries, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The situation is particularly dire for those who have fled to Central African Republic (CAR), Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, and South Sudan. In these countries, WHO and its partners are working together with national authorities to provide emergency health assistance to the displaced population.

Chad has seen the highest number of refugees, with an average of 2,500 arrivals daily. In response, WHO and its partners have been actively identifying and treating trauma cases, addressing over 1,400 incidents, including more than 60 major surgeries. The majority of these trauma cases are attributed to gunshot wounds. Additionally, there have been reports of malaria, malnutrition, and cholera infections among the displaced. Concerns have also been raised about a potential cholera outbreak in certain locations in northern Ethiopia that are receiving a large number of displaced people.

South Sudan has received over 176,000 refugees, placing a strain on facilities in the northern Renk region. The area has experienced a surge in acute watery diarrhea cases among children under five years old, leading to increased mortality rates. There have also been notable increases in severe acute malnutrition and measles cases among these children.

In response to the crisis, WHO is working closely with its partners to deliver swift emergency assistance. So far, more than 36 tonnes of supplies have been sent to Chad, and an emergency medical team has been deployed there. Emergency medical and non-medical supplies have also been provided to CAR, Egypt, Ethiopia, and South Sudan.

To prevent potential outbreaks, disease surveillance has been intensified to facilitate early detection, and national authorities are receiving technical support to bolster their emergency health response.

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