WMC’s Trained – 7th Day

May 11, 2023 – Maiwut, South Sudan – After mobilizing and holding a successful community election of Water Management Committees (WMC’s), Aqua-Africa’s team spent several days training the WMC representatives who were elected. A separate committee was trained for each of the 4 water points which will be fed by the 7th Day Adventist water well. These committees will ensure that their water point tap stand is operational, secure and clean. They will establish water usage limits and fees, and other important policy. These policies will deal with thorny issues such as usage purposes (drinking, cooking, bathing, agriculture), and usage by visitors to the community and by those economically unable to pay. Aqua-Africa’s training director, Program Officer Deng Madit Kuchlong, has done an excellent job of preparing the committees for these new duties.

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