Giving Tuesday – Become a Bedrock Donor!

Did you know, according to World Vision, African women and children walk an average of 3.7 miles each day to collect water? Through your generosity, Aqua-Africa can save a community of 8,000 people nearly ½ million hours of labor/year, by providing centralized water systems and more proximate water distribution points.

Aqua-Africa seeks to eliminate dependence on surface water sources for peoples’ drinking water, thereby reducing water borne disease.  We drill deep rock water wells to the aquifer, often to depths of 110 meters, to provide clean and healthy drinking water that is free of contaminants.  Your donation of $2.60 can provide clean drinking water for one person for a year.

Our 2020 Results

Aqua-Africa constructed 5 hand-pump wells in communities surrounding Nzara, South Sudan. Covid-19 support was also given to Nimule, South Sudan’s hospital. Indoor plumbing and a septic system were installed. A solar array was also built to power the hospital’s water pumping, a process that previously relied on diesel-powered generators. 3 new water distribution points were installed in Malakia, increasing clean water availability for drinking and sanitation.

Our 2021 Plans

Aqua-Africa, with Rotary International support, is preparing to install at least 2 Village Supplier water towers in Maiwut, South Sudan, a very impoverished community in Upper Nile State. Approximately $100,000 in additional funding is needed to provide general operating support for the project.

This year, won’t you consider becoming a “Bedrock Donor”, through monthly giving? Just click “DONATE” above and follow the instructions.

Give water – it’s WELL worth it!

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